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Our old web site received thousands of 'hits' and hundreds (to thousands) of visitors each month. Many contacted us, many didn't. We had no way to let them know about new information. 

Since the information is the result of thousands of hours over the last 20+ years, by many professionals actually doing research,
many people sorting through scientific abstacts, journal articles, research papers, and the latest information released... as well as talking to thousands of end-users, patients, and clients over the years... we figured it was time we at least learned how to contact those people wanting this information.  Sign Up is FREE & Easy!

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If you call after hours, please leave a message. We can help you determine if our product will likely help your problem, and with proper dosing if there are any questions. Our goal is to help you with proper nutritional supplement information, questions about products, and (when possible) to help you find a reseller in your area. If there isn't one, no worries, we have a few options that can still help you! 

Our goal is to help inform & educate.  Knowledge is Power ONLY  WHEN:

  • it is proven (and re-repeatable)!
  • understood by those seeking it
  • used correctly!
  • and applied ETHICALLY!
There are far too many brilliant people,  amazing inventions, unique creations, and never before thought of ideas & concepts merely sitting somewhere... unused, incomplete, and unsold. Some just on scratch pads, some actually in prototype and early finished stages, but ultimately left in the mind of a few, buried in the closet, stuck in the back of a filing  cabinet, or abandoned in some storage room; merely because they didn't have the money, connections, or ability to GET IT FINISHED, patented, and to market! Or they were too far ahead of time.

 Thankfully, NUTRITION is affordable, possible, and CAN POSITIVELY CHANGE THE WORLD and LIVES, ONE BODY AT A TIME!

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